Message de Josh Thomas, créateur de Please Like Me

Le message ci-dessous a été lu par le producteur de la série, Todd Abbott, lors du débat qui suivait la projection des trois premiers épisodes de Please like me, série australienne et véritable coup de coeur du festival. Josh Thomas s’excuse de ne pouvoir être à Paris présenter lui-même la série, mais il participe également à une certaine émission de télévision…


Hello France!
Thank you for having us in your country. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in real life I am busy diving on television for money which I will use to buy food imported from your country.

I wish I could be there, I love France. I really like your wine and your cheese, I also like how much butter you manage to jam into various pastries. I also really like your French boys that speak French, I kissed one of them once it was really fun. Thank you for that.

I am sure Deborah and Todd will treat you right. They are good people.

Although Todd is vegetarian which is a waste. He won’t eat any of your Fois Gras. He’ll probably quietly judge you if you eat it. I’m not like that. I love how willing you guys are to make a duck uncomfortable for an incredibly delicious snack.

I’ll be there in september. Todd has my FaceBook details if there are any French boys or Fromagarie owners that want them.

I hope you enjoyed the show, and I hope the festival is a blast.